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Charcuterie Products & Services

Charcuterie & Tastings: Products

Charcuterie Cups & Cones

Standard cups are $10 per cup, 20 cup minimum order. Larger orders of cups will receive discounts based on quantity. Cups can be customized with different meats, cheeses, and decorations. Some customizations will incur additional costs.

Graze Boxes (S,M,L)

Graze boxes come in 3 different sizes:
Small 6inx6in box - $30.00
Medium 9inx9in box - $65.00
Large 12inx12in box - $120.00

12in Round Board

12in rounds are great for small groups and gifts (can wrap in cellophane upon request). Starting at $85.00

Custom Charcuterie Boards

Boards are custom, pricing based on multiple factors, including how many people the board will feed. Boards typically start around $200.00 for boards that feed 10 people, and increase in price up to 30-40 people. Smaller boards available upon request. For parties larger that 30-40 graze tables are recommended.

Graze Tables

Graze tables are great additions to any event! Traditional charcuterie tables, brunch tables, and dessert tables available. Small 4ftx2ft (8sq ft) tables feeds about 50-75 people and start at $900.00. 4ftx3ft (12sq ft) feed 75-100 people and start at $1200.00. Larger tables available as well. Graze tables include set up and break down of table. $50 discount for clients wanting to breakdown and return table props within 3 days.

Charcuterie Building Workshops

These unique and fun events last about 1.5 to 2 hours, everything guests need to build the boards, and instruction. Please reach out for details. Workshops start at $65.00 per person, 10 person minimum (or price equivalent).

Pick up or Delivery Available / Deposit Required for Booking

Delivery within 15mi of Carrollwood, Tampa is complimentary. Outside of that an additional delivery fee of $1 per mile is applicable. $25 deposit on most boards and boxes. Larger boards, tables, workshops and other large orders require a 25% deposit. Deposits are refundable up to 7 days prior to order/event date.

Charcuterie & Tastings: Text
Shades of Rose Wine

Private Tastings

Charcuterie & Tastings: Services

Wine Tastings

Private tastings are personally curated and last about two hours, depending on event size, and start with general background of wine making and viticulture. From there guests are guided though the wines, exploring general varietal backgrounds, wine makers, and vineyards. Cheese, chocolate, or other food pairing for each wine sampled included.

Wine Tastings start at $250 for 5 people or less.

Additional guests $25 per.

Add a blind tasting on to the end of any event to put your wine skills to the test! 

Additional $5 per guest.

*While concierge service is provided to pick out wines, client is responsible for purchase of the alcohol from a retailer, independently of tasting services.*

Citrus and Chili Cocktail

Craft Cocktail Tastings

Craft Cocktail Tastings are a creative and fun way to engage your guests during an event. During these instructive workshops attendees are led through the history of the classic spirits and cocktails of their chosen theme. Typically two cocktails are included in each theme. Both cocktails are constructed by the instructor guiding guests through a step by step process, from glassware to garnish, and finished products are sampled. Guests are then split into two groups and their bartending skills are put to the test! The groups will then make each cocktail and guests will sample and vote on their favorite. 

Craft Cocktail Tastings start at $350 for 5 people or less.

Additional guest $35 per guest.

*While concierge service is provided to pick a custom theme based on spirit preference, client is responsible for purchase of the alcohol from a retailer, independently of tasting services.*

*All glassware, bartools, mixers, garnishes, etc. included in cost of tasting.*

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